Discover the Normandy WW2 International Film Festival 2019

The Normandie-World War II International Film Festival exhibits the finest in World War II army-themed movies, documentaries plus short films from all over the world. The festival acts a significant part in advancing the task to create content that credits all those who struggle for our freedoms daily and have accomplished that via conflicts and wars over the centuries.

General informations

In June this year, the WW2 Foundation shall arrange the 3rd International Film Festival of the World War II, for the event of the 75th commemoration of the Battle of Normandy and D-Day.

As was the situation on D-Day Beaches, such efforts are initiated by many individuals of numerous countries who trust these stories need to be well-kept-up for upcoming generations. The locality of the opening night of this festival is only a couple steps away from wherein the American 4th Infantry Division touched down on D-Day to aid in starting the deliverance of Europe from Nazi repression.

The program details

Annually, thousands of persons come to Normandy in France to pay respect to the sailors, airmen, and soldiers who participated in D-Day, the Battle of Normandy and Operation Overlord. Veterans plus their relatives, re-enactors, political figures, military vehicle fanatics and a plethora of other men, women and kids honor those who struggled to free Europe and remember people who did not return.

The 75th commemoration of the Normandy landings shall be jam-packed with plenty of events and activities. Counting: The International World War II Film Festival – Normandy 2019. For the 3rd time, the affair is hosted by the WW2 Foundation, a United States organization supporting the commemoration of World War II. The schedule of the 3rd edition:

  • screenings of documentaries and films,
  • signing events and interviews,
  • performances and more.

The Normandie-WWII International Film Festival is the single film festivity in the globe highlighting the up-to-the-minute film content dedicated only to World War II, from feature movies to shorts. It is likewise the only affair in the planet to hold its happenings in and nearby the D-Day seashores, remembering the June 6th commemorations of the touchdowns in northwestern France.


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